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How We Can Win: And What Happens to Us and Our Country If We Don't

by Anthony Lucavera

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How we can win


Our kids are smart, our banks are sound, our health care system is humane, our democracy is stable—but technological change is about to disrupt our economy and threaten our way of life.

Canadians aren’t ready for the race to the future. Can we still catch up—or even win? Yes, says Anthony Lacavera, one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. But we need to change the way we think and talk about our own abilities—dream bigger, aim higher and go for gold, not bronze.




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Unlocking Capital

Canada can be a world leader in innovation with the right backing and support. Bruce Croxon from Round13 Capital believes #HowWeCanWin is by getting behind Canadian entrepreneurs and giving them access to capital.

Spirit of Innovation

Gibraltar & Company’s Joe Mimran has built some of Canada’s most iconic brands and believes now is the best time to be an entrepreneur. #HowWeCanWin is realizing how well positioned we are and capitalizing on our competitive edge.

Supporting Business Growth

For Canada to compete globally Arlene Dickinson of District Ventures Capital believes government has a role to play and #HowWeCanWin and grow in business in this country is by having competitive tax rates.

Bridging the Gap

Emilie Cushman knows first hand how difficult it is to raise capital and build a business without a track record. The founder of Kira Talent discusses #HowWeCanWin through new entrepreneurs and better collaboration.

Diverse Creativity

St. Joseph Communications, one of Canada’s largest private communications companies to co-founding the Luminato Festival, Tony Gagliano knows that Canada has the ability to be both the most diverse and creative countries in the world.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Why collaboration is key in Jodi Kovitz’s experience through her work at AceTech Ontario to ensuring #HowWeCanWin across Canada and abroad within our innovation ecosystem.

Canadian Brand Power

Goodwill towards Canada is at an all-time high globally and leveraging the strength of this brand power in building a business is what Michele Romanow of Dragons’ Den and Clearbanc believes is #HowWeCanWin internationally.

Innovation Battlefield

The race to innovate is on and every industry is ripe for disruption. Canada is not immune says John Ruffolo of OMERS Ventures and #HowWeCanWin globally is getting behind startups to help them scale up.

Globally Adaptive

Independent businesses can compete with major players in any industry. Amber Mac shares her two key strategies in ensuring small businesses, regardless of the size of their competitors, can win in any market.

David and Goliath

Proof it is possible to not just start and build a company in Canada, but to be able to scale a world-class and globally competitive team, demonstrating the country has the intellectual capital needed to compete and win internationally.

Anthony Lacavera

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Anthony Lacavera

Stay connected to see what Anthony's building next.

From his podcast Trailblaze to new ventures, you won’t miss it as an email subscriber.