Canada’s Wireless Future Depends on You

Canadians know that we should be getting more from our mobile phone carriers. All too often we experience high prices and poor customer service levels.

The solution? True, independent competition in mobile to challenge the Big Three carriers: Bell, Telus, and Rogers.

You have an opportunity to bring your mobile prices down.

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The last time we had a real competitor in the industry was in 2009, when Globalive brought WIND Mobile to market. The launch of WIND resulted in an average cost savings of $400 a year to every Canadian household with a mobile plan, whether they were a WIND customer or not. Innovation and services went up, and prices came down. That’s competition. And strong competition benefits consumers.

People all over the world are enjoying the benefits of ultra-fast and cost-effective 5G networks and the lower mobile phone bills that come with them. Why not here in Canada? Modern advancements in healthcare, education, self-driving cars, food security, AI technology and sustainable city infrastructure all rely on advanced 5G networks, and have the potential to propel Canada forward and to dramatically improve our lives.

Today, we have an opportunity to permanently solve our decades-old mobile competition problem.

As part of the Rogers-Shaw merger, the federal government is requiring Rogers to sell Freedom Mobile. To give Canadians the competitive market we deserve, the government must ensure that the buyer is a real alternative – a truly independent alternative to the Big Three. What does that mean? It means an independent buyer that is a “pureplay” mobile carrier – a carrier that does not have any other legacy telecom businesses that will slow it down.

We need a mobile carrier that both wants and has to earn the business of Canadians every single day. A mobile carrier that doesn’t have current or historical ties to the Big Three carriers – no cozy personal relationships, employment history or closed-door, back-room deals that benefit everyone – but the consumer.

We need a true alternative that will drive more network investment and innovation across the industry, bringing fair pricing, and better service levels for everyone.


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Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, our Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Matthew Boswell, our Commissioner of Competition, are the people who must approve the sale of Freedom Mobile. We are counting on them to approve a buyer that will be a permanent, effective, and independent business. One that is positioned to make our mobile industry more competitive for the benefit of all Canadians, and secure Canada’s future as a leader in the global innovation economy.

Anthony Lacavera
Founder of Globalive
Founder & Past CEO of WIND Mobile

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