Anthony Lacavera is an entrepreneur and investor who brings his decades of experience in global markets to inform and inspire the next generation of founders and industry leaders with his real world accounts and bold approach to business.

He is focused on artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, raising capital, scaling up, technology, the telecommunications industry including 5G and the Canadian economy.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being integrated into our daily lives from self-driving cars and drones to virtual assistants and software that translate or invest. Anthony Lacavera draws on over 200 interviews he’s conducted with founders, entrepreneurs and industry leaders around the world to ensure audiences are at the forefront of the latest advancements and technology developments in predictive algorithms, neural networks, machine learning and general intelligence. Anthony highlights the role government should play as well as the potential issues, complications and benefits artificial intelligence bring to an organization. Whether it’s robotics altering the future of medicine, or the rapidly accelerating trends in automation, Anthony breaks down the investment growth and potential in the AI race to keep ahead of the world.


With over 20 years of experience in founding, growing and selling companies, Anthony Lacavera shares his key strategies in building a successful business as well as what it takes to be in control of your own path. Anthony has done business in more than thirty countries, raising more than $2 billion in capital from Russian oligarchs, Egyptian telecom magnates and a host of venture capitalists from Silicon Valley to the Netherlands. He gives insight into lessons learned from some of his biggest failures and the driving factors that motivated him to take on the Canadian telecom giants. Anthony reveals the importance of creating a strong community culture, when it’s the right time to grow and raise capital as well as how anyone can take the entrepreneurial spirit to be innovative and evolve in any industry.


As a proud Canadian, Anthony Lacavera believes in investing in home grown talent and giving entrepreneurs the best chance at building and scaling businesses headquartered in his home country. Anthony addresses everything Canada has to do to thrive and succeed as a global innovation leader, as well as tackling the challenges and hurdles in the way for founders and legacy companies to achieve success. He takes a look at Canada’s track record to date in innovation as well as what needs to change with regards to government policies and regulations, access to capital, how research and development is leveraged and how success is viewed. Anthony demonstrates the importance of competition to ensuring the future prosperity of Canada.