Entrepreneurship is a sustained and relentless pursuit of a set of goals toward achieving a dream of the way things could be, and having the conviction that things will be as one envisions. Time is finite, how will you spend this precious commodity? How will you spend yours?


Globalive is the startup studio and global investment firm of Anthony Lacavera.

Launched in 1998, Globalive has invested in more than 100 companies around the world. The firm’s diversified portfolio includes investments in sectors spanning from telecommunications to media, from real estate to artificial intelligence and from healthcare to commerce.

The Globalive partners and team of investment professionals led by Brice Scheschuk, Simon Lockie and David Roff have over 100 years of startup, operating, and investing experience working with founders.

Globalive makes pre-seed through Series A stage investments. It partners, invests and builds companies with driven entrepreneurs who are committed to innovating and developing technology to improve and change industries. Globalive’s seasoned industry experts are committed to scaling up high growth businesses and building their long-term value.

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Anthony Lacavera is Chairman and CEO of Globalive Technology.

Globalive Technology is a next generation software company that is designing, building, and commercializing software platforms that leverage the latest machine intelligence and blockchain technologies. Globalive Technology is forming operational joint ventures with strategic partners that drive cost and speed-to-market advantages while developing technology stacks for longer term licensing, token, and transaction revenues.

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